Secret Society by Tom Dolby – Review

In the novel, Secret Society, written by Tom Dolby, we follow the lives of four privileged students who attend Chadwick Prep, one of Manhattan’s most elite schools. In the novel, we are introduced to Phoebe, the new girl in town who likes to create artwork; Lauren, the popular socialite who has a passion for fashion; Nick, the club promoter who belongs to one of New York’s wealthiest families; and Patch, the amateur filmmaker who isn’t as well-off as the rest. In one way or another, these four teens come into contact with “The Society”. The Society has been in New York for many years and works very hard remain secret and preserve “a way of life”. Every year, The Society recruits new members to join their organization and in return, they promise success, fame, and fortune. After receiving mysterious text messages, the recruits find themselves in a run down part of town getting initiated into The Society. At the end of their initiation, they become “marked” with an ankh tattoo on their necks. At first, the perks of The Society are really wonderful and too good to pass up. But when the body of a teenage boy shows up in Central Park, with no identifying marks, except for a little ankh tattoo on his neck, some of the kids start to question the motives of The Society. This novel is filled with many exciting and mysterious things, from amazing parties at clubs, to discovering secrets your family has been hiding for years. When things start to unravel, and questions are answered, there is one thing the kids are most fearful of: once you are in The Society, you can never get out.

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