The Devouring by Simon Holt – Review

This is the first installment in The Devouring series written by Simon Holt. In this book, we follow Regina Halloway, a teenage girl who loves reading scary stories and watching horrifying movies. Reading these stories helps to distract Reggie from the realities of her own life. Reggie’s mother walked out on her and the rest of her family over a year ago and they have not heard from her since. Reggie’s father is distant and hasn’t been himself in a long time, and Reggie is ultimately raising her little brother, Henry, all by herself. With her crazy life, Reggie finds time for something she enjoys, working part-time at a local book store. One day, Reggie discovers a journal titled “The Devouring” and just passes it off as an unpublished fiction book. She later takes it home and reads it. The book describes these creatures called “Vours” who inhabit the bodies of people on Sorry Night and control their every move. Naturally, Reggie shares this with her friend Aaron who is also a horror buff, and they cannot resist trying to summon the Vours on Sorry Night. Something strange happened that night, but neither Reggie nor Aaron ended up possessed. After that night, Reggie’s brother Henry was never the same. He was different — changed — evil. Soon after, Reggie realizes this story about the Vours was not fiction at all, and Henry has become a Vour. To save her brother, Reggie must devour her fear, before her fear devours her.

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