I have created a rating system that I will be using to rate the books that I read. I have created these booksbyblake rating cards (as seen below) and on these cards there are rows of stars that will be filled in to show the rating of that specific book. The rating scale is 1-5 stars, 1 being a terrible book, and 5 being a perfect book. Each review will be equipped with one of these rating cards at the end of the review on my blog. Below is a brief description that explains what things I consider when rating a book. If you have any questions on my rating system, you can contact me through the contact page here on booksbyblake.

5-Star: Perfect! This book has a great story, from beginning, middle, to end. Everything about this book is great; the writing is amazing and entices the reader from the start, the characters are well developed and are not cliches, and the plot is very interesting and exciting. This book overall is a great read and I would recommend it to anyone.

4-Star: A Must Read! This book also has a great story. It is very interesting and grabs the attention of the reader from the beginning. It is almost perfect, but there is something missing (story/physical setup/characters/realism) or the book is confusing at times. It is a very close to perfect and is still a really great read. I would recommend it anyone.

3-Star: Very Good. I feel on-the-fence with this book. There is nothing special about this book and there is more than one thing that makes me feel that this book is just not as good as it could potentially be. It has plot holes, unrealistic characters, or it simply was a boring struggle to get through. This book still has a good story but there is a few things missing. A book can be rated 3-stars for different reasons. Make sure you read the full review to understand why the rating is low and decide from that if you want to read it.

2-Star: Could Have Improved. This book was poorly written and did not interest me at all. There were very few things that made this book readable and I would suggest reading the full review to decide if this book is for you.

1-Star: Not Worth Reading. The heading says it all. This book is not worth reading. It is missing too many things that could have made it a great book. I do not recommend this book to anyone.