Hello everyone!
Welcome to my new website. Here I am going to be posting many different things related to books. I will mostly be writing reviews on all the books I read, and writing blog posts on “book talk” topics. The reason I wanted to create this blog was to give a males perspective on books. I personally think that there are not enough men/boys who read and give their thoughts and opinions on different aspects of reading, so I want to have a place where everyone can reap the benefits for lack of a better word! On this website, you will be able to view my bookshelf and see all the books I have in my library. You will be able to learn more about me by visiting my about and FAQ page. Another really good feature I added was a book requests page, here you can submit suggestions for books you think I would enjoy. I will also be incorporating interaction with the audience on this website. You will be able to sign up for email notifications to know when I post new entries, and even take polls to help me decide which book to read next. I am really excited about this website and I hope that people will enjoy it as well. If you have any questions, you can send me a message directly through my contact page. Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog, and I hope you will return!